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Linn Method of Certified Clutter Coaching is a certification that has distilled the life coaching and clutter clearing into a distinct method . These amazing beings have graduated from this system and are licensed to do the deep work with you on releasing clutter from your life!

Shining Star Graduates of the Linn Method of Clutter Clearing

Patti Allen

Patti Allen

My studies have been rich and varied, and I still use everything I ever learned in my Soul Coaching® work! I was training in 1991 in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® when my dream life suddenly became very active and my journey began!  But it always comes back to this: I am curious and passionate about the dance of Soul and Dreams and how they can help us tap into our innate wisdom to gain self-knowledge and awareness and point us in the direction of happiness and success.

Ontario, Canada


Terry Bowen

Terry Bowen

Terry took the long, expensive way into coaching. Having developed as an intuitive medium, people came to Terry to hear from their loved ones in Spirit, and to be told how to live their lives. This didn’t feel right, and what he asked what he could do, he was heard about coaching and searched for a company to train with. When he found one that he thought would be good, he signed up and then regretted it. The coaching method wasn’t right and wasn’t what he was looking for.

England, UK

07961 034497

Laura Clark

Laura P. Clark

Laura Clark knows that Living In-Joy comes from following your own inner wisdom. Through her own recovery from depression and 20 years as an entrepreneur, Laura fully understands the life interrupts and barriers that are obstacles to building an abundant business and joy filled life. She also knows and teaches the tools and techniques to overcome these challenges to build and grow in business and life based upon ease and grace that leads to more joy and prosperity. She is the founder of,  and is known as the Soul Wise Living Mentor. 

Rhode Island, New Hampshire
New England, USA


LuAnn Cibik

LuAnn Cibik

LuAnn is both a practitioner and trainer of Interior Alignment®  feng shui and space clearing, and a Soul Coaching® practitioner and trainer. She know deeply how clutter affects your home, and your life. She has worked with thousands since starting her business, Inner Harmony in 2002, and has seen the results of what happens when clutter is cleared. She works in person with people in the Pittsburgh PA  USA area, and also with clients all over the world through ZOOM and Skype and email. Her joy is assisting others live the life they want to lead!

Pennsylvania, USA



Felicia D'Haiti

Felicia D’Haiti

Felicia inspires confidence, clarity, and connection with one’s inner voice. Her natural intuitive skills have been honed with top-notch mentors, and she adds real-world experience as a teacher, wife, and mother. Whether she’s giving down-to-earth solutions for clearing clutter, helping people reinvent themselves after dramatic life changes, or leading heavy hearts back to joy; she quickly and gracefully creates opportunity from chaos.

DC Metro Area, USA

Dorena Kohrs

Dorena is a practitioner of Interior Alignment and a Certified Clutter Clearing Coach using the Linn Method. She is also a Reiki master and an Archangelic Light master practitioner. She offers her services in person as well as by video conferencing. Her super power is identifying what you’re holding onto that is holding you back. It is this intuitive gift that allows her clients to make changes in their environment which is the catalyst for making changes in their life.

Cary, North Carolina, USA
Phone: 919-264-5987

Licensed Graduates of the Linn Method


Anna Marie Foster Anna Foster BC Canada
Dorena Kohrs Space Doula

Gabity Abdelgadir Gaby Abdelgadir ON Canada
Jacqueline Elizabeth Staying Simple CT USA
Jennifer Fulco The Demo specialist CT USA
Linda Robertson Holistically Home Oxfordshire England
LuAnn Cibik Inner Harmony PA USA
Mónica Araújo Menica Araújo Feng Shui Lisboa Portugal
Paula De Francesca Helping Parents +61 408870988 South Australia Australia
Sonia Starflower Starflower's Crystal Wisdom Queensland Australia
Sue Zook Health Coach Sue 4U Il United States
Susan Meyer Susan Meyer New York United States
Theresa Fisher Namaste Life Center Ohio Midina


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About the Linn Method of Clutter Clearing


Denise Linn is the Founder of The Linn Method of Clutter Clearing. She has worked with thousands of people world wide on changing their lives and changing their spaces for more many years.  In her other widely successful and acclaimed certification programs in feng shui, space clearing, and coaching, she has trained practitioners on different aspects of clutter and it's impact. Each program utilized a specific aspect of her approach. 

Her Advanced Soul Coaching® Practitioners have trained extensively in her coaching methods and can offer you a specific program in working with your life and clutter. You can work with an Advanced Soul Coaching Practitioner by visiting the website and looking for those individuals certified in Advanced Training!

Her Interior Alignment® Practitioners are trained in feng shui and space clearing, and have learned the value of clutter clearing, steps to take to release clutter and cleansing and clearing of the space to set new intentions into your life. You can find a practitioner skilled in this practice who will help implement the feelings of your goals and dreams into your home.